Now is the Time- 8 Benefits of Core Aeration on your lawn

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Benefits of Core Aeration and Over-seeding:

  1. Aeration reduces soil compaction. Just as you wouldn’t try to plant a flower in concrete… a rock hard soil bed is not conducive to a great lawn either! Loose soil allows roots to plunge deeper into the soil to find vital water resources in times of stress.
  2. Aeration reduces thatch. Thatch is made up of grass stems and roots that accumulate faster than aeration-graphicthey breakdown. Excessive thatch creates an environment that is favorable to pests and disease.
  3. Aeration allows access to the root zone. By penetrating the soil, you’re allowing moisture, air, & food to the root zone where nutrients are absorbed.
  4. Aeration enhances seed germination. Seeds germinate easily in aerator holes as the holes provide them a place to hide.
  5.  Over-seeding introduces new grass seed to fill in bare or thin areas as well as thickening existing turf. Over time, grass plants reach their peak and need to be replaced. Different factors contribute to the breakdown of the grass including foot traffic, heat, lack of water, environmental conditions, pet waste, etc.
  6. Over-seeding builds resistance to disease. By incorporating different blends of grass seed (We use a seed blend consisting of at least 6 types of turf type tall fescue) you reduce your risk to diseases that can wipe out the entire lawn.
  7. Aeration and over-seeding will help to reduce weeds. Opportunistic weeds germinate in areas where they can be successful. Crabgrass grows in thin areas, nutsedge pops up in thin/low spots, and broad leaf weeds spread where there is little desirable grass. The best defense is to have a thick lawn.
  8. Aeration and over-seeding will immediately improve your lawn’s current appearance. If your lawn was attacked by fungus, insects, or animals this year a core aeration and over-seeding will help. You’ll be able to see seed germination in 7-10 days.
So now you know the importance of core aeration and over-seeding!

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